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About Us

Aimhigher Northamptonshire Ltd is a Matrix accredited not-for-profit organisation that works with schools, colleges, work-based learning providers and community projects covering a range of activities to widen and increase participation in the next level of learning, employment and training. The focus is on developing a systematic programme of activities to raise aspirations, awareness, and attainment among young people.

Aimhigher also provides programmes for unwaged/unemployed, adults and young people Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET)  and in conjunction with Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (VIN) current and prospective volunteers.

Aimhigher Northamptonshire's Vision

To provide young people and adults with opportunities to explore their potential to progress, develop and improve their social and economic wellbeing and mobility.

Aimhigher Northamptonshire's Mission

  1. To enable young people and adults to establish and realise clear and ambitious aspirations, exploring the implications for their achievement, and to develop the abilities to realise them.
  2. To enable schools, colleges, universities, work based learning providers to support the progression of their students by building high aspirations enabling an awareness of opportunities and develop high level skills and abilities.
  3. To develop effective and active partnerships that communicate the breadth of opportunities for young people.
  4. To enhance the social mobility and wellbeing of disadvantaged individuals and groups.

Aimhigher Northamptonshire Ltd is a MATRIX accredited not for profit Social Enterprise (the new company formed after the original Aimhigher project ended in July 2011) offering a number of services to schools, colleges and other providers to help them meet their statutory obligation to provide impartial information, advice and guidance that assists students planning for the future. Aimhigher continues to work with partners providing a range of activities to widen and increase participation in education, training, work and/or higher education (HE). Aimhigher retains its emphasis on disadvantaged and other hard to reach group to help support their progression journey, social mobility and wellbeing.

The activities offered by Aimhigher will contribute to the clarity of impartial information, advice and guidance required to support young people in their decision-making. Aimhigher’s focus is developing a systematic, incremental and progressive programme of activities to raise aspirations, awareness and attainment among young people and adults from the age of 11.

Aimhigher has a number of years’ experience working in schools, colleges and other providers. Aimhigher’s staff  have a proven record of successfully advising young people and adults on their progression and transition to the next level of learning, training or employment with training – apprenticeships and higher level skills at work and where appropriate, a graduate (HE) qualification. Aimhigher works with large and small groups or on an individual basis depending on need.

Aimhigher Northamptonshire has been working with partner schools, colleges and work-based learning providers in Northamptonshire on a range of activities to widen and increase participation to the next level of learning, ultimately beyond level 3(A level equivalent) into the range of higher education (HE) opportunities available, endeavouring to enhance the social mobility of disadvantaged groups and individuals.