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Shanice Sesay

When I first found out about Aimhigher I thought it was going to be one of them boring pointless things that teachers make you go to because they think it’s best for you. So I attended one of the lessons to see what it was like and how it could help me progress in life.

Phil explained very well how they were not our teachers, or friends but somewhere in-between. They told us that they want us to succeed in life by knowing there is more out there than just school and college. He explained that we would be taking time to know ourselves better, understand health and safety and to be responsible for ourselves and others.

Natasha really helped me to understand what a CV and a cover letter are used for and why we need them. She helped me gain confidence and know that I can do it if I just believe in myself.

Aimhigher also set up interviews so that the students could get a real feel for what an interview would be like. It really has helped me to see what I should say and how to act and what to wear.

I really enjoyed the Aimhigher team building activities, as they taught me how to be a good team leader and a good team worker.

I would recommend this programme to any student because it helped me so much! It really helped me gain self-confidence and helped me find what I wanted to do in life. Before this course I didn’t know what I wanted to do but Aimhigher has changed that for me by helping me experience what it was like to go to Northampton College Booth Lane. We did a load of activities to show us what it would be like if I was going to college and I got showed around the areas that I was thinking about studying in. I also received £50 and gained a certificate and qualification from completing the programme and for all my hard work that I had done over the course. Also my CV looks better than ever now!

Many thanks to Aimhigher and I am very pleased to represent them on their website.