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10 Tips that will help to build confidence

10 tips that will help to build confidence.

  1. Plan your way to confidence;  preparing for the unexpected will reassure you that you have the required knowledge, like revising for your driving test theory, mugging up for a quiz or and exam.  Practise your answers with a friend.
  2. Knowledge and experience; having combined theory and practice and been  successful add a depth to your knowledge and understanding
  3. Decide on your goals;  have a clear view on the direction travel you wish to  take (12 months’ time and a few years ahead) it will give you a sense of purpose about your future and your aspiration
  4. Think positively, “your glass is always half full”! Have a positive opinion about yourself, what you are good at. Do not use “It’s only!” or “It’s just!”
  5. Surround yourself with positive thinkers; negativity from others can be draining, whereas supportive colleagues can help raise your self-esteem
  6. List all your qualities and strengths; some of these may be in the personal profile of your CV, things you have succeeded, these may not always be work related. Ask friends and family; a good listener patient , a good problem solver
  7. Recognise your achievements; List them and any commendations you have received.  Sports people always focus on their last triumph and how they will improve on it rather than think about when they did not achieve their goal.
  8. Turn weaknesses (negative) into positives; think of them in terms of areas for development.  We don’t know everything and we are not all perfect so you can continue learning – which show a strength of character flexibility to lean
  9. Use mistakes as learning experience; sometimes best made plans go wrong, how you dealt with them positively and what you leaned as a result is a real strength and positive
  10. Look and feel the part; take care of personal hygiene, your appearance, your hair, your nails and what you wear …… always lean towards being smart it makes you feel good about yourself.