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Aimhigher’s top 10 interview tips

Getting ready for an interview is all about preparation from research about company, how you respond to questions and your personality, but remember your body language talks volumes so try to relax, act natural and  be yourself. 

First Impressions DO count, a firm handshake, eye contact and positive body language all promote your confidence.

  1. Do your research.
    • Read the job description carefully; note skills and strengths the organisation’s looking for
    • Research the company's website, find out what it does, makes and sells. How big is the company how many employees, its commercial status, it’s growth etc.

     You can use this information to explain how your personal qualities fit with the job and the organisation. Find out more in 

  2. Update your CV, read it before you send an application and prior to interview. Interviews are pressured situations, knowing the content of your CV will give you confidence to talk about your achievements, qualifications and skills.
  3. Arrive on time. Write down the address and telephone no., work out your journey, try a practice run to arrive 15 minutes before the interview start time.
  4. Dress appropriately. What to wear for an interview varies according to the industry, but your clothes should always be clean and smart. Get it ready and check it over the night before
  5. Be positive – about yourself, your experience and the skills and qualities you have.
  6. Go into detail when asked. Think about ‘STAR’ as a way to explain your achievements succinctly
    • S –  situation; what was the context
    • T – task; what did you need to do
    • A – action; what you did and possibly, how
    • R – result; what you achieved
  7. Relate your answer to your strengths and experience
  8. Emphasise your strengths. There is likely to be much competition for the job, all applicants will have similar experience, skill and qualifications to you.  Highlight your strengths, personal qualities, your communication skills, reliability, flexibility, hardworking, a natural leadership, etc?  DO be prepared to give a examples.
  9. Be honest. This follows on naturally, from the previous point. DO NOT lie in a job interview, there are positive aspects to promote your qualities, but NOT LIES . 
  10. Listen. Listen carefully to the interviewer, give a little thinking time – a short pause –formulate an answer, compose yourself and respond. 
  11. Ask questions.  A must! This provides an opportunity to clarify anything you are unsure of, but it gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge from your company research and show a genuine interested in the job.  GOOD LUCK!!