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Aimhigher’s Top 10 tips for writing your CV

A CV is where you must shine and your skills and qualities stand out to impress a prospective employer.

This is your ‘shop window’ and you must pay attention to the details to promote you positively as the best future employee. Remember this is the first chance a prospective employer has to find out about you and what you can offer them.

Aimhigher suggests you might like to use the format below; this isn’t the only way to present a CV, however to get you started we are confident with this layout and it has been successful in communicating your experience, strengths and qualities.

REMEMBER research has shown that on average employers take 6 - 10 seconds to read a CV; about as long as it takes to read a personal profile and not much more!

  1. Use positive language and a confident tone to describe your qualities in the personal profile to capture attention immediately
  2. Focus on your achievements not your responsibilities; relate them to the job description and person specification where possible 
  3. Apply the ‘SO WHAT’ principle; to check you have highlighted what you have learned from an experience and not describe the experience.  
  4. Make your most relevant experience and skills prominent 
  5. Be succinct and focus on the quality of your achievements.
  6. List other skills and achievements; languages and IT skills they may be more than competitors
  7. Be selective and keep your CV to a maximum of two pages, using a readable font and no less than point 11 text. 
  8. Check correct spelling and grammar - these errors make it easy to reject badly written CVs.
  9. Use relevant keywords from the job description in your CV. 
  10. Detail the most relevant information first; try not to leave gaps in service without a reason