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Top 10 Interview Tips and Hints

Top 10 interview tips and hints

  1. Research, Research, Research; find out a little about the job and company that is interviewing you.  Some knowledge of the company size, growth, perhaps opening new branches or developing new products.
  2. Plan what to wear; always lean to the smart if you are unsure it will show that you have made an effort.
  3. Prepare questions to ask: AVOID questions about money and holiday until you are offered the job.
  4. Rehearse answers to regularly asked questions (see top 10 questions asked at interview)
  5. Take proof of qualifications and in some cases achievements and proof of identity.
  6. Try out the route to the interview location and time it; public transport time-tables or on foot, check the parking arrangements if driving and time the journey allowing for busy times on the road.
  7. Arrive 15 minutes early to collect your thoughts, re-read your application form and CV, you may have applied for the job several weeks previously.
  8. Try not to smoke, but if you must, take mints with you!!
  9. You may be nervous, but walk into the room confidently, they have selected you from your application and CV so they will be interested in you already
  10.  Introduce yourself with a firm handshake, make eye contact and SMILE.  Adopt positive and open body language that will indicate your enthusiasm.