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Top 10 Tips to Job Searching

  1. Be prepared – be sure to put your contact details on your CV, including a phone number and email (make sure it is professional), so prospective employers can contact you. Set up a professional sounding voicemail to receive messages when you are busy and get back to them when you are available. 
  2. Stay up to date – always make sure your CV is up to date when you send it to potential employers, making a conscious effort to tailor it the job role. DO NOT send a blanket CV
  3. Be realistic – Identify your current skills but don’t over sell yourself, then realise you can’t do the job. 
  4. Get help – there are many services and websites available to you to help you to create/update your CV and cover letter available to help you further. (See Aimhigher’s Top CV Tips)
  5. Create your own template – have copies of your CV available to adapt for the specific job or sector you are applying for   (See Aimhigher’s Top CV Tips)
  6. Explore your skill set - match the results to them to jobs and sectors that interest you but explore all other related job options using your skills and experience.
  7. Use job search engines – search the web for positions that would be well suited to you a newspaper career fairs and contact companies directly
  8. Jobs by email – upload your CV to a website and let the jobs come to you by email 
  9. Network – use professional networks like LinkedIn. Social media can help but first impressions count, ensure your Facebook doesn’t have anything inappropriate and depict you in a bad light.   
  10. Don’t stop – never give up, even if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying and review your processes