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Family Day

Recommended Year Group: Year 9

Recommended Group Size: 70 Max (mixture of parents and students)

Duration: 4 Hours

Location: On Campus


  • To give parents and students an overview of the different aspects of Higher Education.
  • To provide a knowledge base about the various progression routes to Higher Education.
  • To take part in an interactive and informative day using student ambassadors as ‘real life’ case studies for parents & students to ask questions of.

Learning Outcomes

Parents / Students will :

  • Gain an insight into life as a HE student.
  • Be better informed about student finance.
  • Have looked around the main facilities on campus.


  • Student ambassadors - one per 7-8 attendees.
  • Human bingo sheets.
  • Word cards.
  • Flipchart paper, coloured pens, craft resources.
  • Play Your Cash Right (PYCR) game (see separate activity notes)
  • Shopping List game.


  • Although this day is held on campus, we emphasise that it is not an open day for this particular university.
  • The presentation content relating to student finance will need to be kept updated as will the figures used in the shopping list game and PYCR.