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HE Assembly

Recommended Year Group: Year 9

Recommended Group Size: Year group, split into individual form groups/teams

Duration: 15 - 30 minutes

Location: School


  • To raise awareness of higher education.
  • To introduce students to higher education-related terminology.

Learning Outcomes

The students will :

  • Have learned through a quiz format about some basic information relating to HE.
  • Be prompted to start thinking about the variety of courses in HE and the benefits of studying at HE level.


  • WOWO (write on-wipe off) boards and pens or A/B/C/D cards for the students to hold up their answers.
  • Powerpoint.


  • The quiz is provided in a ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ format.
  • This is a fairly short session but designed to be a fun way to get the information across. Prizes are usually awarded to the winning team.
  • One or two members of each form group are asked to come to the front to give their answers on behalf of their form.
  • The content will need refreshing or updating on an annual basis.