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HE Experience Day (Year 9 Taster Day)

Recommended Year Group: Year 9

Recommended Group Size: 30 - 50 (cohort)

Duration: 3 Hours 15 Minutes (excluding lunch & travelling time)

Location: HEI Campus


  • To give students the opportunity to experience a day on a University Campus including a tour of the student halls of accommodation.
  • To challenge some preconceptions about University and make the idea of going less intimidating.
  • To give the students the opportunity to learn about student life from current undergraduates.
  • To show students different routes into Higher Education and open their eyes to the variety of courses available to them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will have addressed some of the preconceptions they may have about going to University and have had a taste of what it might be like to be a student on campus.
  • They will be aware that Higher Education (HE) is a realistic option for them in the future and be familiar with some of the routes into HE.
  • They will have compared how they spend the average day with a day in the life of an undergraduate, including time spent in classes, personal study time and free time.
  • They will be aware of the number of courses available to study at HE and some of the enormous variety available. They will also have considered what sort of careers these courses might lead to.
  • Students will also have been on a tour of the campus with a current undergraduate and gathered information about a specific area e.g. library facilities.
  • Each student will have prepared and contributed to a small group presentation.
  • Finally students will be aware of places they can go to get further information about their options and possible progression routes.


  • PowerPoint.
  • Undergraduate Student Ambassadors, ideally one per group of 5 students but no more than 1 per 8.
  • A Support Booklet which the students will follow and complete throughout the day.
  • Student Life cards (created by Aimhigher Northamptonshire this is a set of cards with topics for discussion between undergraduate ambassadors and students e.g. Finance, Shopping, Student Union or Library Services).
  • WOWO boards and white board markers.
  • Creative materials to allow them to make a poster for their presentation. This should include coloured paper and felt pens, 1 sheet of flip chart paper per group, glue, sticky tape, scissors and other sundry craft materials e.g. feathers, felt, glitter.