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Maximise Your Potential (MYP) Day

Recommended Year Group: Year 10

Recommended Group Size: 30 - 40 (Max 40)

Duration: 5 - 5.5 Hours (or split into four sessions - see notes below)

Location: Classroom (ideally on campus if full programme is to be followed)


  • To encourage students to identify their individual skills, talents, values and beliefs to help them in setting and focusing on future goals.
  • To provide the students with thinking time to assess their achievements and successes so far.
  • To produce a personal visual CV.
  • To achieve all of this in a fun and interactive way.

Learning Outcomes

Students will :

  • Have the opportunity to question a current undergraduate about life as a student;
  • Learn more about higher education from a tour around the university campus;
  • Understand what is meant by ‘talents’ and ‘multiple intelligences’ and will have worked out what their own strengths are in relation to this [Section 1];
  • Recognise when a belief is ‘empowering’ or ‘limiting’ [Section 2];
  • Have thought about how their own personal values or beliefs might shape their future career choices [Section 2];
  • Have completed a team task to enable them to analyse what kind of role they each play within a team setting [Section 3];
  • Recognise the importance of goal-setting and will have identified a short, medium and long-term goal for themselves [Section 4];
  • Have created a personalised visual CV which they can take home and display/add to;
  • Use the day as part of their overall future career planning and will have a more focused idea of their future goals based on their strengths and preferences, as above.



  • Powerpoint


  • Undergraduate student ambassadors (ideally one per maximum 8 students)

Paper Based Resources

  • Student Life cards (created by Aimhigher Northamptonshire, this is a set of cards with topics for discussion between undergraduate ambassadors and students e.g. Finance, Shopping, Student Union or Library Services)
  • Half a piece of flipchart paper per student.
  • Different colour felt-tip or marker pens to be made available throughout the session for the students to write & illustrate their visual CV.
  • ‘Multiple intelligences’ celebrity pack, one per group.
  • Questionnaire sheets, one per student.
  • Questionnaire results grid, one per student.
  • Intelligences summary sheet (enough for one each or one between two) and cut-outs of each section for the students to stick on their CV.
  • ‘Values’ activity pack, two per group.
  • Briefing instructions for the Dutch Barns teamwork exercise, one copy for the instructing ambassador.
  • One ‘Dutch Barns’ resources pack per group – plenty of cue cards (there is no limit to how many they use), one pen, one ruler, one pair of scissors.
  • One teamwork observation sheet per ambassador.
  • One Dutch Barns quality control & results sheet for the instructing ambassador (to demonstrate which team has won).
  • Copies of Graeme Smith’s post-it note goals, enough for one between two students.


The content is structured in such a way that it can either be delivered all in one go or split into four sections to be delivered as a series of sessions.

The timings of the different sections are flexible and can be adjusted up or down by delivering abbreviated or extended content, as appropriate.

This is a resource-heavy day but the materials have been developed and adapted to be as convenient as possible for the presenter and the students. We found that the best way was to have separate wallets containing the cut-out sections so that they could be easily accessible for all.

All through the day we have tried to use examples of famous people who the students will have heard of and can identify with. As mentioned elsewhere, the celebrities will need updating to keep the content fresh and current.

This has been designed to be a fun and interactive day and the students should be encouraged to participate as fully as possible.