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Mock Interviews

Recommended Year Group: Year 12 / 13

Recommended Group Size: 1 to 1

Duration: 15 - 20 Minutes


  • To help students to prepare for interviews for employment or as part of their application to university.
  • To provide them with an opportunity to practise in an interview situation and receive feedback on their performance.

Learning Outcomes

Students will :

  • Have experience of what it feels like to participate in an interview scenario.
  • Be aware of their current strengths and weaknesses in terms of their performance in an interview situation.
  • Know what actions they need to take in order to perform better in an interview for employment or university place.
  • Be familiar with the types of questions they may be asked in an interview and what research they should undertake in order to be prepared for them.


  • Interviewer
  • A list of pre-prepared questions and suitable responses.
  • Pens & paper for recording notes on the student performance during interview.


An office or classroom. For obvious reasons this should be in an area where people are likely to walk past and in a room with a glass panel in the door and windows to the outside. If such a location is not possible then the corner of a library or other quiet, but occupied, location may be suitable.


Mock interviews should take place a week or so after the Interview Skills workshop so that students have a chance to put into practise what they have learnt during this session and to consolidate their learning with a practical example.

They are also most effective if carried out by a person or people with whom the interviewee is not familiar as this most closely mirrors an interview situation.