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Passport to HE Day

Recommended Year Group: Year 7 & 8

Duration: 5 Hours

Location: On Campus


  • To raise students’ awareness of, and aspirations to continue on to, Higher Education.
  • To give students an insight into what it would be like to be a student in Higher Education and, in turn, encouraging an “I can” attitude towards future learning.
  • To inform students of the variety of progression routes using the National Qualification Framework.
  • For students to explore the skills they may need for future learning and how they may develop them.

Learning Outcomes

The students will :

  • Be more aware of university and the variety of options it could hold for them in the future.
  • Have experienced what it’s like to be an HE student through sessions on student life, clubs and societies, and a mini lecture.
  • Begin to explore the skills they may need for future learning beyond school.
  • Leave the day feeling that university is a realistic option for them.

School Responsibilities

  • Provide adequate staffing (DCSF student teacher ratios). School staff to be briefed prior to the days, be present in every session and enter into the spirit of the activities. These days can be important in contributing to both teachers’ and teaching assistants’ professional development.
  • Students to be informed to bring their own packed lunch.
  • Students to be split - max 8 per group.

Aimhigher and The University of Northampton's Responsibilities

  • Provide adequate staffing during the day (e.g. 2 facilitators & 12 undergraduate student ambassadors)
  • Ensure students and staff are clearly briefed on health and safety when on campus.
  • Provide the school with a risk assessment (this does not include travel to and from the University campus)


  • Powerpoint presentation.
  • Programmes, passport booklets, NQF puzzle and human bingo sheets.
  • Paper and pens.