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Play Your Cash Right (PYCR)

Recommended Year Group: Year 12 or 13

Recommended Group Size: Max 8 Students per Group (up to 80 students)

Duration: 1 Hour

Location: Classroom


  • To provide an insight into how to manage finances as a student in higher education.
  • To allow the students to work through the practical scenario of managing their finances over the length of a term at university.
  • To raise awareness of the wide variety of costs associated with study and independent living and the unforeseen expenses and costs that may crop up.

Learning Outcomes

Students will :

  • Have a better understanding of the likely sources of income they’ll have as a HE student.
  • Work through in some detail the kinds of regular expenses a typical student faces on a weekly basis.
  • Be more aware of ad hoc or unexpected costs.
  • Have been forced into making decisions, within the scenario, about what they will or will not spend their money on.
  • Learn about the financial consequences of their decisions.


  • One student ambassador per group to facilitate the exercise.
  • Play Your Cash Right activity packs.


Each group should be made up of no more than approx 8 students.

Ideally students would have been given a talk on student finance in the preceding two weeks so that they already have an idea about what funds they might be eligible for and generally how the loans and grants system works.

This session could equally be applied to students who do not intend to go into HE, or have not yet decided whether they will in the future. The majority of the content is focused on the cost of independent living, whether as a student or someone in employment.