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Revision and Exam Techniques

Recommended Year Group: Year 11

Recommended Group Size: 10 - 40

Duration: 55 Minutes

Location: Classroom


  • To give students some practical tips and techniques to assist them with both revision and exam performance.

Learning Outcomes

Students will :

  • Be aware of the main aspects of time management such as planning, target setting and prioritising as well as how to avoid time wasting.
  • Be familiar with how to select revision techniques depending on their preference for visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning styles and have had an opportunity to briefly put this into practice.
  • Be aware of some more general revision techniques and how to create a revision timetable.
  • Know the meaning of a number of words commonly used in exam questions such as; clarify, state, compare and discuss, and the correct way to respond to such requests.
  • Have been presented with a strategy for approaching exam questions and a practical example of how this can be applied.
  • Be aware of websites where they can go to get additional assistance with revision and exam techniques.


  • PowerPoint (with explanatory notes)
  • Pens and Paper