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Student Life

Recommended Year Group: Year 12 and 13

Recommended Group Size: 10 - 40

Duration: 55 Minutes

Location: Classroom


  • To give students a deeper understanding of university life and what it is like to be a student.
  • To provide the students with details regarding the transition from school to university.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to meet and question current undergraduates.

Learning Outcomes

Students will :

  • Have an understanding of the differences between the experience of studying at university and their current experiences at 6th form.
  • Be aware of what seminars and lectures are and of University facilities such as the Students’ Union and Student Services.
  • Have knowledge of the options available to them regarding accommodation.
  • Understand the importance of carefully selecting both a course and the institution where they will be studying and have received some guidance on how to do this.
  • Have participated in a discussion with a current undergraduate student.
  • Have had the opportunity to ask questions and find out about university life from someone who is currently experiencing it.


  • PowerPoint (with explanatory notes)
  • Post-it notes and pens.
  • Undergraduate student ambassadors
  • Prospectuses for a variety of universities from which courses have been selected and written on post-its placed inside the front cover.