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An apprenticeship is a way to learn the skills you need for certain careers on the job, whilst earning money at the same time. This type of further education suits young people who want to gain extra qualifications that are related to a career but do not want to study full time at university or college. Instead, you will spend the majority of your time at a workplace gaining job-specific skills alongside going to a special learning provider part-time to gain your qualification and further knowledge. You must be 16 or over to start an apprenticeship and there are four levels of study. They are:

  1. Apprenticeship (level 2)
  2. Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3)
  3. Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4 and above)
  4. Degree Apprenticeships (Level 5 and above)

There is a wide range of occupational areas, employers and career pathways from which to choose.  You will find current vacancies on the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) website - just log-on and search for a job. Alternatively, we have a list of Apprenticeship vacancies throughout Northamptonshire HERE

What you will earn depends on your age.

If you are under the age of 19 or in your first year of an apprenticeship, you will be paid at least £3.30 per hour. You will also receive pay for the time you spend training. For example, if you work and study for 37 hours a week you will earn a minimum of £122 a week.

If you are 19 or over, and have completed the first 12 months of your apprenticeship, you will be entitled to the national minimum wage rate which is currently £5.30 per hour for 19-21 year olds and £6.70 per hour for 21 year olds and over. However, many apprentices earn more with the average apprenticeship salary being around £170 per week. In most cases, your pay will increase with the more skills and knowledge you gain.

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