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Testimonial - Lisa's Story

Lisa White 

Lisa completed an accredited Employability Course through Wellingborough Homes Training Academy in conjunction with AimHigher Northamptonshire’s provision through the European Social Fund and the National Lottery.

Since completing the employability programme Lisa undertook a period of work experience at B&M stores after which she was offered a 12 week paid job trial that concluded in August 2017.

As Lisa’s confidence developed she re-engaged with the programme in November 2017, tailored her CV and practiced her interview technique. She was successful in her application for a permanent Sales Assistant role at Poundland in Wellingborough. Five months later Lisa is enjoying her work in the same job and looking forward to a full time post as one becomes available.

“I was told about the Aim Higher course by my housing association who recommended I should attend. I found the 2 week programme fabulous. It was a great confidence builder, whilst teaching good customer care skills, how to tailor a CV and how to prepare for interviews.

The course was very encouraging and supporting making us believe in ourselves and helping us realise the skills and strengths we have. We also did some team building exercises which were fun. I found this to be the best course I have been on, very enjoyable and I can honestly say I have learned that I must believe in myself more.”