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Here's what some of our service users and clients have to say about the help, advice and support we provide ...

Interviews were a good refresher, to build up confidence. I felt more comfortable in the second interview. Overall I thought it was a brilliant role play. I am glad to attend the course it is a very good course and would recommend people to attend. Refreshed my skills and learnt from other people on the course and made new friends. Tutors are fantastic and demonstrate very well. 


At the beginning of the course my confidence was a bit low. As we have proceeded my confidence has come back. I feel refreshed in my interview skills and confidence in an interview. Also it gave back some experience and skills in jobs that I had forgot I had or been involved with. 


When I first started the interview process I was nervous and lacked confidence. I had to keep referring back to my question booklet all the time when I was being interviewed. By the end of the interview section I did feel more confident when answering the questions and didn’t need to refer back to my booklet as much. I remembered my answers a lot better from when I did at the start. I am finding the course a lot more beneficial than I had expected to and learning new things about myself. The course tutors are very helpful and good at helping me word things about myself, helping me with my confidence. I was surprised how quickly I felt at ease within the group.


I’m more confident. I know that I’ve got to update my CV a lot, which I’ve done. I now know what kind of jobs to be looking at, suitable for me and I know I’m going to enjoy.

I have seen a difference from the beginning of the course to now, that being an improvement, in not only my communication skills, but each and every member of the group. I think the interviews that we have practiced have vastly improved from when we started and we all seem very comfortable in each other’s company and are willing to pair up with any member at all. This course has allowed our confidence to grow, which I think is a large part of getting back to work, even if we don’t achieve our needs straight away, the things we have learnt here on this course will and can be applied to everyday scenarios and can be referred back to.


I do feel like I have improved on my interview skills and have a little bit more confidence in speaking and answering the questions, I still think I need to improve more and have a lot more confidence in myself when speaking on what I have achieved and can do. I do feel like Natasha, Phil, Rhoda and Ann have been very attentive with helping me in this course. 


I have improved on my interview skills; I have much more confidence on replying to questions that I shall be asked in the interview. I feel I have a little more confidence to work by myself! Overall this course has helped me so much. 


I would recommend it. They were very friendly and helpful, and even now after the course has ended they continue to remain in touch and just point out ways to help you out.

I worked with both Phil and Ann and some other members of their team. I was very happy, learned a lot of good skills and I’ve developed them and fine-tuned some bits and pieces and I’ve improved in my own understanding.

Well I think it’s a good chance to meet new people in the same situation. You can get to know others, communicate and generally make new friends. And maybe like I’ve done, keep in touch with one or two of them at the end of it - it makes you realise you are not just alone, other people are stuck in the same situation as you.